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5 Day Niyama Surf Retreat, Maldives

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Maldives (Maldives)
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The Maldives are a true tropical surf destination, and Niyama Private Island Islands Resort takes the word "paradise" to a whole new level. The premium luxury resort spreads over two private islands surrounded by tropical landscapes, the ever elegant blue of the Indian Ocean and best of all, an exclusive world-class lefthander that breaks directly onto the Island. There aren't too many places in the world where you are able to wake up in a private villa over water or in a beautiful beach bungalow and check the surf from the comfort of your kingsize bed via the resort's own live cam or text resort's surf manager to provide you with the latest condition updates for the multiple world-class reefbreaks nearby. The newly opened surf shack right at the point has quickly turned into a red-hot hangout spot to enjoy a few cold ones after clocking some tube time at Vodi's or to capture the spectacle from the shores for the honeymoon memory bank while listening to the tropical bangers the in-house Dj is pumping out.

It is the first resort in this area - thus assuring that you will not be sharing the waves with crowds. 

There is a wave out front for you to paddle out to - it's a left-hander called Vodi, and it's a private wave only to be surfed by Niyama guests. There are 2 other waves nearby, and 4 other surf spots accessible by a private boat charter from the resort.

What to Expect ?



Dhaalu Atoll

Vodi - a good quality, private and uncrowded left-hander off the resort that you can paddle out to any time. It works on all tides; mid to high tide offers the best conditions, but it's still a fun wave and a good ride on a low tide. On big swells, you can get a nice almond barrell on take-off, and come out for a few more turns. Or you can easily avoid the barrell and just do turns for 100-150m.

Another break outside Kudahuvadhoo island is a right-hander called Mauroofs (Kasabu). It works best on light north/nowthwest winds and a good southwest swell. This wave requires a boat access.


Hocus Pocus is another wave that you can reach by boat from the resort - it's a hollow, advanced right-hander. It needs west/south-west winds and a south-west swell which needs to be above 14 seconds for the swell to get into that break. It is quite shallow.

Thaa Atoll

This area is consistent in south-west monzoon season and offers some beautiful, long wrapping reef setups. This area was only recently accessed by boats only, but now you can stay at Niyama and organize a private boat charter on request to surf these breaks.



On Thaa, left-hander Malik's can offer quality barrells. Inside Mikados is a powerful right-hander that is best on SW wind, and works well on mid to high tide.



Laamu Atoll

Other quality waves that you can access from Niyama by arranging a private boat charter are Machines and Yin-yangs.


Niyama Resort offers the following surf services. Please enquire about the current prices.


Surf Passes (2.5 hours out at the breaks, with guide and boat).

Surf Lessons (2.5 hours for the beginner with instructor and includes board rental and boat).

Tow Surfing (with jet ski at an extra charge) plus Surf Pass.

Surfboard rental.        

Other Activities


With FLOAT at NIYAMA, discover the underwater spectacle of the Maldives during the daily dive programs. Beginners can have their first glimpse of a whole new underwater world of fish and coral landscape with the “Discover Scuba Diving” course. Already tried diving before? Go on and complete your diving license – they offer Scuba Diver and Open Water Diver certification courses that take just a couple of days. Certified divers can choose between double and single tank dives and a variety of advanced and specialty courses while children as young as 8 can join in the fun with the “Bubble Maker” program.


Big Game and Sunset Fishing

Snag a barracuda at dawn, and pursue a sailfish in the afternoon. In between, hunt for wahoo, mahi mahi, tuna and trevally. Take on the challenge – the Indian Ocean is waiting for you. Looking for some nautical excitement after hours? Catch your own supper with the Maldivian technique of hand-line fishing.


Set sail in the luxurious comfort and plunge into a vibrant underwater adventure with a daily snorkeling trip that sails beyond the NIYAMA lagoon. Dive into another world and explore local reefs, tropical fish and a rich marine landscape.


Not your typical sea scooter! Experience life at a dolphin’s swift pace with this underwater rocket. A 15-minute introduction teaches you how to have maximum fun with the Seabob. Afterwards, test your bravery and hang on tight when your underwater speed reaches up to 20 km/hour.

Jetskiing, Waterskiing, mono-skiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding and fun tubes

Skim the waves adrenaline-rush. Exhilaration on the water as you speed over the waves with rides and lessons. Try jetskiing, waterskiing, or mono-skiing , as well as wakeboarding, kneeboarding and fun tubes, to feel the full power and excitement of water sports in a location that will take your breath away.



Catamaran, windsurfing and kitesurfing lessons

The wind and the water. Learn to slice deftly and skillfully through the waves on a catamaran. Glide along the reef as the breeze over the Indian Ocean and the power of the elements propels you across the water with windsurfing and kitesurfing lessons. Choose from beginner courses to private sessions and refresher and advanced programs with international certifications.


Complimentary activities

Jump in. Enjoy the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Snorkelling equipment and all non-motorized water sports are free of charge. Float at the intersection of water and sky, and try one of our many different kayaks – paddle kayaks and even transparent glass kayaks for observing the creatures below. If you have a license and know how to windsurf, catamaran sail or kitesurf, then please feel welcome to use Niyama's high-quality equipment. If not, satisfy your curiosity and take a couple of lessons.

What’s included


Not included

Airport Pick Up/Drop Off

What’s included


Not included

Airport Pick Up/Drop Off

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