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The Best Vegan Eats In Bali

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Sun, sea, sand and smoothie bowls? Welcome to Bali! If you’re vegan, you’ll never go hungry as Bali’s culinary scene is rich, varied and overwhelingly vegan friendly.

As one of the world’s top destinations for holistic retreats and a mecca for yoga enthusiasts, the concept of health and wellness permeates many aspects of tourism here. As a result, it’s also a dream for vegetarians and vegans — more so than any other country I’ve visited so far on this year-long trip, so you’re about to learn where to eat vegetarian food in Bali.


Vegan tapas and cocktails? Oh yes, you heard us right. Add to that a wholly sustainable concept and a bar that uses uber-healthy essential oils in its concoctions, and well, Essential in Canggu takes guilt-free feasting to a whole other level. All of the plant-based produce here is local and season-dependant, and the majority of the menu is gluten-free too. Try the Lombok stuffed peppers, the tempeh croquettes, and the Spanish-style glazed fritters wrapped in Balinese banana leaf. And of course, wash it all down with alchemist-style cocktails that use the purest essential oils on the planet, local fresh cold-pressed juices, probiotic Kombucha and high-quality imported spirits. Now that’s worth raising a glass to…

Kismet Restaurant & Lounge

Located in downtown Ubud, Kismet Restaurant & Lounge is the ultimate spot to be during your Bali vegan journey. With an ambiance of sexy and swanky vibes, Kismet serves vegetarian international cuisine, with a focus on full flavor and creative dishes. Try their food and drinks, rich in vibrant tastes, especially their salad bowls and delicious vegan sate skewers, all using organic local ingredients.


Matcha Cafe

Facing pretty rice fields, Matcha Cafe serves up a huge variety of vegan food that’s infused with Matcha (surprise!). It’s a tiny, outdoor spot that’s beautifully decorated, and the place is often packed with people, though the crowds tend to lessen between 3pm – 5pm. The crew is a friendly bunch who is always happy to give you recommendations and explain the health benefits of Matcha to you! It’s a perfect hang out place after surfing at the beach just 10 minutes’ walk away. Order the Macrobiotic Rainbow Bowl and Matcha Vegan Nutella Milkshake, and thank us later.


Peloton Supershop (Vegan)


Possibly the most popular vegan cafe in Canggu, if not all of Bali! Located in the relatively quiet side of Canggu, Peloton offers a wide variety of delicious and wholesome vegan food, with popular Instagrammer Ellie Bullen’s recipes added to their menu from time to time. Aside from its Instagram-worthy smoothie bowls that are perfect for breakfast, the cafe’s lunch and dinner menus are also filled with delicious options.

On the ground floor you will find an air conditioned setting, with big tables for sharing on your left, and individual seatings on your right. There is also merchandise for sale at the corner. Upstairs is an open air area which we prefer. The cafe also stays true to its core value, so no plastic straws and bags, which is awesome!



Give is Kynd Community’s 100% plant based non-profit cafe.
It is a super cozy place which mimics the Kynd interior design. It is a locally inspired menu which you can enjoy indoor or outdoors. There is ambient music to create a nice atmosphere and the staff is top notch. At the end when you pay your bill you will be given a token to decide which organisation you wish your purchase to support. The people, the animals or the planet.

Secret Spot

Right next to Peloton, you will find a tiny but mighty cafe, Secret Spot. This place is kind of camouflaged by the large plants and bikes parked right in front of it, but once you enter the place, it’s a whole new world.  Head upstairs for a breezy open air seat.

Secret Spot is not full vegan, but ingredients and dressings can be switched upon request. Other than the mains, we also highly recommend trying out their delicious frozen yogurt and raw sweets.

I Am Vegan Babe

This boundary-pushing, plant-based Canggu cafe is a vegan game-changer, with cruelty-free cuisine that you’d never know is sans-meat or dairy unless someone told you. There are BLTs stuffed with vegan fried eggs and creamy vegannaise, pancakes stacked sky-high and chunky sandwiches that are impossibly cheesy – the kind that sticks to the roof of your mouth and melts into a delicious gooinesss. Meanwhile, the burgers are so big, so juicy and so gluttonous, you could almost call them beefy. But don’t worry health-nuts, there’s also plenty of salads, wraps, colourful bowls and juices here too, wrapped up in the cafes tropi-chic interiors.

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