Retreat Price

Up to $30000

Retreat Duration

Up to 30 Days

5 Day Paradis Plage Surf, Yoga & Spa Retreat, Morroco

Paradis Plage is the first surf, yoga and spa Resort in Morocco. Located at only 3 hours flight from Europe, it is also the first luxury Surf and Yoga Resort offering a high standard hotelservices. Paradis Plage Resort is a unique concept of stay in Morocco > was thoughtfully designed to bring you complete comfort and tranquility. Rejuvenate yourself every morning with the warm amber sunlight that comes shining through the window of your room. Arouse your long lost five senses with the subtle rhythms of waves softly lapping the powdery gold sand and pebbles on the shore. This is the philosophy of Paradis PlageSurf, Yoga& Spa Resort

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    Agadir, Morocco

Price Per Retreat Starting at

    Solo Travelers
   $Early Bird (50%)
  Discover Yourself Improve Breathing Improve Muscle Strength & Tone Relax Stamina & Strength

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3-5 Day Es Saadi Spa Retreat, Morocco

The Es Saadi palace spa takes you into a magical world of perfumes, colours, blissful sensations and luxury. The spa introduces you to a thousand feelings of well-being.

In this dreamlike environment where the architecture was inspired by the palace of a thousand and one nights, one goes on a voyage of self discovery, one re-focuses on the essentials in lifeand let go of all tension in order to replenish your energy.

Here in the spa, the guest is immersed in a unique haven where water, light, music, perfumes, warmth and cold, healthy nutrition and massages; in essence, everything is aimed at reaching the same philosophical goal: the complete fulfillment of mind and body, the full revitalization of self.

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    Marrakesh, Morocco

Price Per Retreat Starting at

   $Early Bird (50%)
  Anti Aging Recharge Rejuvenate Relax

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